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   Shestopalov A.V., Kushelev A.Yu. Cold non-nuclear fusion and fuel-free microwave (pulse) power. - Materials of the International Conference “Scientific research of the SCO countries: synergy and integration”. Part 2: Participants’ reports in English (August 15, 2019. Beijing, PRC). - Beijing, China 2019. - pp.174-182. -
Шестопалов А.В., Кушелев А.Ю. Холодный неядерный синтез и бестопливная микроволновая (импульсная) энергетика. - Материалы заочной конференции "Научные исследования стран ШОС: синергия и интеграция" (15.08.2019г., Пекин, Китай, рабочий язык английский и китайский). Том 2. - с.174-182. -

Abstract. From the standpoint of ether dynamics, a fundamentally new answer
to the question is proposed: where does the excess heat come from during the socalled
today low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). To explain the heating effect,
a new interpretation is given to microwave electromagnetic radiation from a magnetron
(MW) - these are powerful electromagnetic pulses (PEMP). A mechanism
is proposed for the transformation of nuclides (cold nuclear transmutation) from
the point of view of synergetics. The EmDrive electromagnetic motor is developed
combined with a fuel-free generator to power it. The term "cold nuclear fusion
(CNF)" is proposed to designate the self-assembly of chemical elements from elementary
particles. The classification of types of CNF is given. The connection
of geophysics with the hypothesis of "paleocontact" in history and archeology is
Keywords: LENR, microwave energy, Descartes ether, electromagnetic resonators,
megaliths, rare earth metals, mining.

Issue Status. An interdisciplinary approach allowed the authors to establish a
connection - to combine, at first glance, incompatible, scientific disciplines: physics,
mining (rock mechanics), history and archeology.
For more than 30 years, physicists have been arguing: is there cold nuclear
fusion (CNF) or not. On the one hand, according to physical theory, CNF cannot
occur at low temperatures, since it is necessary to overcome the Coulomb barrier.
In this case, hard ionizing radiation should be observed, but it is not. On the
other hand, the evolution of excess heat during electrolysis has been experimentally
proved (the Fleischmann-Pons effect). And also, if metal hydrides are heated,
then at a certain temperature they begin to produce excess heat. That is, in both
cases during mechanical action on the hydride (thermal stress due to heterogeneity
is also a mechanical effect). When comparing “fuel” and “ash”, mass spectral
analysis shows a change in the isotopic composition and the appearance of new
chemical elements. From the point of view of physics, this is evidence of nuclear
reactions, which cannot occur from the point of view of the physics. This article
should put an end to this debate.
For more than 100 years in mining, the problem of dynamic and gas-dynamic
phenomena (rock blows and sudden emissions of coal, rock and gas) has not been
resolved when developing a gas-tight rock mass at great depths. Practical experiment
shows that two or more pressure gauge wells drilled in close proximity to
the same coal seam never show the same gas pressure. Theoretically, “connected”
vessels are practically not connected. Consequently, the coal seam is impervious
to gas, and even more so to liquid. At the same time, gas and water are released
into the mine workings (miners walk in boots).
Official history and archeology mistakenly date pyramids, dolmens, menhirs,
seids and other stone buildings on Earth, for example, fortresses, castles,
palaces, temples, etc. time when they were rebuild. The fact that they were
not designed for people and not built by people, is indicated by the weight of
megaliths and traces of machine processing not available for modern civilization,
as well as windows in the ground, doors in windows, lack of heating, lack
of waterproofing of the foundation, and other inconsistencies. In this case, in
mostly, the schematics (project documentation) are absent. Therefore, it is not
known who built them, and most importantly, for what purpose. According
to alternative researchers, the Earth is a former alien mine. Rare-earth and
dispersed chemical elements, mainly metals (REM), are therefore called rareearth
because they are practically no longer on our planet (all were extracted
by aliens). They are not really needed by modern civilization (microelectronics
and permanent magnets), but in the future we will not do without refractory
alloys. REM extraction in space is impossible without new energy and means
of transportation based on it.

A single mechanism of cold non-nuclear fusion and ball lightning. This year
marks 30 years after the conference of Martin Fleischman and Stanley Pons, at
which they first announced CNF. During this time, Shestopalov A.V. formed the
notion that CNF can be different [1].
1st type. The Fleischmann-Pons effect (conventional non-plasma electrolysis),
Andrea Rossi's E-Cat and cold nuclear transmutation (CTN) at nanosecond highpower
electromagnetic pulses (PEMP), possibly even when irradiated with a laser,
when the deactivation rate increases. All this is a “cave” region of energies that
has not been previously investigated. It is known that chemists have electron-volt
units, physicists have mega-, gig-electron-volts, and nobody has a kilo. In order
not to excite Orthodox physicists, you need to come up with the correct name
for the phenomenon. The most acceptable term today, according to the Russian
Foundation for Basic Research, is “low threshold (cold) transformation of nuclides”.
The previously used term “cold nuclear transmutation” (CTN) fits into
this framework.
According to Shestopalov A.V. the CTN mechanism, hereinafter, can be explained
by the collective behavior of nucleons (non-destructive recombination
mechanism of the “folds on a carpet” type). To do this, you need to mentally imagine
that the nuclei of atoms do not consist of nucleons, but of the nuclei of other
atoms. It is precisely on the boundaries of the “nuclei of other atoms” that a lowenergy
transformation (separation or attachment without breaking the old bond)
with kilo-electron-volt energies occurs. The "impact" of an electromagnetic (EM)
wave falls not on the Coulomb barrier, but on the boundary between the "nuclei
of other atoms", for example, helium nuclei (alpha particles). Such a model of the
nucleus makes it possible to involve resonance phenomena (photosynthesis by
V.A. Atsyukovsky), which are not considered in this article because of the volume
We consider only metal-hydrogen non-nuclear (recombination) “reactions”.
As applied to hydrogenated carbon (hydride), such reactions were previously
called in geomechanics “non-destructive transport”, “wave of properties”, “ultrafast
decomposition reactions in solids under pressure”. Based on this principle,
Andrea Rossi used the “cold” and “hot” E-Cat Low and E-Cat Hot catalysts
(Fig. 1). The chemical composition of E-Cat Hot fuel was solved by AG Parkhomov.
in 2014 and, unlike secretive A.Rossi, he told everyone and published everything,
after which in 2015 there was a boom of rip-offs all over the world.

Fig. 1. Evolution of A. Rossi from nickel-hydrogen reactors to ball lightning

2nd type. This is a “transmutation” in biological systems, for example: microbes
turn radioactive strontium into stable barium, chicken from silicon produces
calcium for the shell of its eggs, etc. (first disassembly then assembly),
which are not considered here due to the limited volume of the article. For those
interested, there are publications by A. Kornilova and Vysotsky V.I., as well as
earlier other authors.
3rd type (only in the works of Shestopalov). This is not the restructuring of one
set of chemical elements and isotopes into another set. This is self-assembly of atoms
and molecules from elementary particles, as if from scratch. This happens as
crystals grow or A. Y. Kushelev collects protein molecules (only assembly without
disassembly). It is not considered in detail here, since this is still a hypothesis, and
an attempt to prove it, using carbon methane as an example, has been published
more than 100 times [1].
4th type. These, according to Shestopalov A.V., are a plasma electrolysis and
accidents at type 1 reactors: the appearance (spontaneous generation) of pulses
of electromagnetic (EM) radiation, traditionally called “super high frequency”
(MW), but in fact pulses with a steep wave front. According to Zatelepin V.N.
and Baranova D.S. in a metal-hydrogen reactor, excess heat is obtained from
the outlet due to unaccounted for high-frequency pulses of electricity caused by
a self-oscillating process [2]. According to Shestopalov A.V., the oscilloscope
registers pulses of consumed electric power not from the network, but from the
ether. The spontaneous generation of EM pulses in the reactor can be achieved
by the experimenter by slow heating and maintained by electronic automation
in a quasi-stationary mode for a long time. But if an inverse positive connection
appears in the system, then an exacerbation regime will come - resonant ignition
(formation) of ball lightning, which melts (burns) the walls of the reactor vessel.
Metal-hydrogen cold non-nuclear fusion turned out to be ball lightning. Ball
lightning is a self-sustaining MW discharge consisting of PEMP. Frequency,
wavelength and, especially temperature, have no physical meaning for a pulse.
It is PEMP that carry out the cold transmutation of the nuclei of some chemical
elements into others, due to the gradient (steepness of the front) of the flow of
mechanical energy (“impact”).
5th type. This is ball lightning as a broadband self-sustaining MW discharge
(uncontrolled analogue of the Kushelev resonator): E-Cat QX and E-Cat SK industrial
design Andrea Rossi (see Fig. 1), plasma electrolysis Kanareva F.M.,
Energoniva Vachaeva- Ivanova, experiments Godina S.M. Several modes of ball
lightning are possible: 1) “metallurgical” mode of A.Vachaev (operating time of
metal powders); 2) “energy” mode A.Vachaev with self-recording (220-380V
50Hz without converter); 3) A.Rossi mode (E-Cat SK) if disconnected from the
outlet, the BL will go out. After heating the metal hydride to a critical temperature,
spontaneous PEMPs begin to be generated. The first in the world, self-generation
of electromagnetic radiation was discovered by Zatelepin V.N. and Baranov D.S.
back in 2017. They do not seem to realize that interacting with the ether, they locally
excite “bounce” in the “Maxwell gears” and light up ball lightning (BL) in
hydride. In this case, “fuel” must be supplied to the BL plasmoid and the “ash”
removed, for example, in the "Energoniva" installation there was running water
[3]. At the same time, excess electricity was removed by the inductor, thereby
protecting the reactor from melting.
6th type. These are dielectric resonators of Kusheleva A.Yu. Moreover, if the
resonator is made of ruby balls, then excess electromagnetic energy is highlighted,
thereby protecting the resonator from destruction. It is known that one cubic meter
of the structure of the nanoworld (ether) contains 96 orders of magnitude more
energy than a cubic meter of nuclear fuel. There are other estimates, but in any
case, it is monstrous energy that can be taken from the structure of the nanoworld
using an electromagnetic resonator of a special shape and a high-quality factor
(theoretically, the quality factor should be more than 150,000). It was experimentally
confirmed [4] that the entire class of ritual objects (tridents of the ancient
gods, swastika, various kinds of crowns, etc.) are actually resonators unknown to
official science. Their quality factor is limited only by the accuracy of the manufacture
of the frame and the quality of the materials, and, therefore, is theoretically
unlimited. These resonators can be made of both metal and non-conductor. The
most effective are dielectric resonators (special classes of polyhedra, in particular
the diamond form, etc.).
The hypothesis that the Christian cross can serve as a microwave engine (Em-
Drive), capable of moving without a jet stream in air and space, has been experimentally
confirmed [5]. The mechanism for creating traction is the same as that of
fish. The conduction current in the conductor or the bias current in the dielectric
acts on the ether in the same way as a fish acts on water (repelled from the environment).
Ruby, basalt, quartzite (both natural and artificial), as well as brick, etc.,
are dielectrics. Ideally, a material with a specific refractive index and dielectric
loss (thermal). With the help of such material (whole or composed of elements)
it is possible to organize (direct, focus) electromagnetic waves. Two
key conditions must be met in an energy source: 1) sound resonance; 2) a
superposition of electromagnetic fields. Resonance allows you to get strong
electromagnetic fields. In the 2011 experiment in Dubna, an electric field was
obtained at which YAG (yttrium-aluminum garnet) or ruby, i.e. about 107 V/m.
Thus, in the 2011 experiment (and in subsequent experiments (Saratov-2017,
Moscow-2019)), one condition was met - a strong EM field was obtained in a
high-Q resonator.
Now it remains to add a second condition - a superposition of fields. To do this,
you need to excite not a single ruby ball, but a group consisting of 3-5 identical
ruby balls. In the interval between the balls, a superposition of strong electromagnetic
fields will be created (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. The result of the simulation in the program HFSS

The Nanomir Laboratory does not have permanent funding, and conducts research
on donations from patrons and sponsor money. At the moment, there are no
neither one nor the other, so it is not yet knownwhen the superposition of strong
electromagnetic fields will be created.

Antediluvian stone buildings on Earth prove the hypothesis described
above that we live in an ocean of electrical energy. The most mysterious
buildings are megaliths, the size of stone blocks exceeds the capabilities
of modern lifting equipment. The most famous megaliths - the pyramids in
Egypt, the city of Machu Picchu in Peru, the Baalbek temple complex in
Lebanon, the Wailing Wall in Israel - we studied on the Internet. We managed
to visit dolmens on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, a half-monolith
in the village of Prigorodny near Tuapse, and a monolith in the village of
Volkonka near Lazarevsky, although at different times. Fabrice Davide, a
scientist from France, took part in the study of Pshad dolmens near the village
of Krinitsa near Gelendzhik. In France, there are about the same number
of dolmens as in the Caucasus, and we exchange results of analyzes of spring
water and information with him.
To explore the antediluvian stone buildings there is no need to travel far
or fly. In every big city you can find houses with pits (windows halfway into
the earth) and other objects for studying alien magnetrons. Who and why built
temples and train stations that are not like temples and train stations? When designing
and building, they forgot to make stairs to the bell tower, stove heating,
thermal vestibules, isolation of walls from groundwater, etc.? People don’t build
like that, they could find ready-made buildings and adapt them for their needs.
Why are there so many churches in one place or a huge temple-skyscraper in the
steppe where almost no one lives? And all because the temples were not built
for peoples prayers!
All the ancient stone buildings on the earth are brick. People could not build
so many brick factories, and most importantly roads, not to mention delivery vehicles.
Most likely, the “brick” buildings named above were made by alien robots
(3D printers) and burned with an MW-field. They built magnetrons in the form of
cities with streets and houses. Therefore, "colonial" architecture is the standard for
the whole world, incl. for countries that have never been a colony. Artists ruinists
(15-18 century) painted their paintings from nature, i.e. then, when people had not
yet had time to rebuild the magnetrons into houses and palaces.
Aliens built “houses” (magnetrons) to evaporate spring water for the extraction
of rare-earth metals. Fortress towers could be water-pressure earlier, and fortress
walls were aqueducts. In addition to the ground part, evaporation complexes always
also have underground ones - tunnels for discharging water into rivers. All
megacities are located on tectonic faults (places where spring water flowed out).
Therefore, under almost every “city” there are catacombs, and in the basements of
old houses there are “brick” ceilings, and even some Moscow metro stations have
brick arches. Earthen ramparts sometimes connected “cities” (magnetrons), which
reduced the cost and speed of the construction of the first railways for people
who found these ramparts. It seems that people chose a building from the found
magnetrons for the future station, and then they pulled a track to it. Most stations
are similar to each other and all initially did not have warm vestibules. The list of
illogicalities of stone buildings can be continued, but listing is no longer possible
within of this article.
Antediluvian stone buildings on Earth indirectly prove that ether is the source
of electric energy for ball lightning, and PEMPs carry out cold non-nuclear fusion
(LENR). Aliens as well as humans should have been preoccupied with mining. All
the last wars on Earth were due to oil, now they are due to gas, the next ones will
be due to rare earth metals (REM), which are practically absent on Earth (all were
extracted by aliens).

1. There is no cold fusion. There is transmutation (a change in the chemical
and isotopic composition), but without heat. There is excess heat in the metalhydrogen
reactors, but not from the outlet (from the network), but from the ether.
The synergistic transmutation mechanism (recombination type of movement of
the folds on the carpet): the collective behavior of nucleons under the action of a
flow of mechanical energy (thermal stresses when heated).
2. Cold nuclear fusion should be understood as self-assembly of elementary
particles from ether, atoms from elementary particles, molecules from atoms and
further to supramolecules. This is possible only at a stress concentrator, which is
an ether sink. For example, at the tip of a growing crack, microdefect, dislocation,
etc. The mechanism is similar to crystal growth and self-assembly of proteins.
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ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ, начало здесь http://deepoil.ru/forum/index.php/topic,40.msg21918.html#msg21918

1. Shestopalov A.V. Cold nuclear fusion mechanism at crack tip spearhead
located deep under the ground. - Proceedings of the 13th International Conference
on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science "ICCF-13" (Dagomys, city of Sochi,
05.06-01.07.2007, IZMI RAN). Editor: Yuri Bazhutov. - Moscow: MATI, 2008. -
p.767-776. - http://www.barodinamika.ru/sh/4598_.zip
2. Baranov D.S., Zatelepin V.N. Self-oscillating heating of a nickel hydrogen reactor.
- Materials of the 25th Russian Conference on Cold Transmutation of the Cores of
Chemical Elements and Ball Lightning (Adler, Sochi, Krasnodar Territory, 01-08-10,
2018). - Moscow, 2019. - p.239-256. - https://yadi.sk/i/QnOmkSfywF5j3w
3. Balakirev V.F. et al. Interconversion of chemical elements. - Yekaterinburg:
Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2003. - 92 p. -
4. Kushelev A., Polishchuk S., Pisarzhevsky S. Forms, mechanisms, energy of
the nanoworld. Is ether energy available for space flights? // "Electronics: science,
technology, business", 2002, N6. - p. 72-76.
5. Kushelev A., Polischuk S., Nedelko E., Kozhevnikov D., Pisarzhevsky S. The
microwave engine. // "Aircraft Engineering and Airspace Technology". - 2000,
v.72, N4, p.365–366. –

ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ, начало здесь http://deepoil.ru/forum/index.php/topic,46.msg20758.html#msg20758

МЭМИ (мощные электромагнитные импульсы) для добычи трудно извлекаемого золота и производства нанопорошков путем СВЧ облучения


Оказывается "машина для разрушения всего" уже существует, возможно это та о которой говорил Старухин Я.П. (отм. времени 1:00:41)
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ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ, начало здесь http://deepoil.ru/forum/index.php/topic,40.msg21172/topicseen.html#msg21172

   Baranov D.S., Zatelepin V.N. The Synthesis of dark Hydrogen (Neutron-like Particles) in a hydrogen Reactor. - Materials of the International Conference “Scientific research of the SCO countries: synergy and integration”. Part 2: Participants’ reports in English (August 15, 2019. Beijing, PRC). - Beijing, China 2019. - pp.165-173. - https://yadi.sk/i/qi-a7dn-Eyjz9w
Баранов Д.С., Зателепин В.Н. Синтез  темного водорода (нейтроноподобные частицы) в водородном реакторе. - Материалы заочной конференции "Научные исследования стран ШОС: синергия и интеграция" (15.08.2019г., Пекин, Китай, рабочий язык английский и китайский). Том 2. - с.165-173. - https://yadi.sk/i/hPqxg-uz-_8l6w

Аннотация. Приведены экспериментальные данные по регистрации пика жесткого рентгеновского излучения с энергией 258 кэВ при электрическом  разряде 20-25 кВ в гетерогенной (капельной) водо-воздушной среде. Появление жесткого рентгеновского излучения в электрическом разряде объясняется  синтезом нового типа вещества, которое названо «темный водород». Даны некоторые физические и химические свойства атома «темного водорода». Основное свойство «темного водорода» - малый размер атома 10^-13 м.
Cтатья написана по результатам выступления на "Совещании по развитию исследований по холодному синтезу" 25 мая 2019 г. в агентстве РЕГНУМ в Москве. На английском языке опубликована в трудах международной конференции "Scientific research of the SCO countries: synergy and integration", стр. 165-173, Август 2019, Пекин.
Ключевые слова: электрический разряд, водород, темный водород, магнитное взаимодействие.
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Данилов Игорь Юрьевич о квантовой электродинамике (отм. времени 2:02:39) - это лукавое описание

Увеличить: http://shestopalov.org/fotki_yandex_ru/lzhenauka/danilov_o_kvantovoy_elektrodinamike.jpg
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   Бунин Игорь Жанович

Чантурия В.А., Бунин И.Ж., Рязанцева М.В., Миненко В.Г., Самусев А.Л. Модификация структурно-химических и технологических свойств эвдиалита при воздействии наносекундных импульсов высокого напряжения. - Материалы Международного совещания "Проблемы и перспективы эффективной переработки минерального сырья в 21 веке (Плаксинские чтения - 2019)", Иркутск, 9-14 сентября 2019г. - с.305-311. - https://yadi.sk/i/6rlRB2yciwB9gg
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